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Drowning in the gray cell
To dwell in earthly hell
A pimp warrior fell
One-two! Sir Lucious "L" Left Foot in the muthafuckin'
Lucious! (Lucious!) Sir Lucious Left Foot has just entered

[Hook:] Might as well have fun `cause your happiness is done
when your goose is cooked! [4x]

[Verse 1:] First rule in this thang, never let `em see you
Never let `em be a threat and your feelings you must protect
As well as your rectum! Must keep self out of harm, out of
danger's way
Let strangers play while you graduate and move on!
True happiness is not acquired and you won't find it for sale
Unless you're in jail and trying to get a bail bondsman to go on
and post that bail, you would be happy as Hell
You thought you were happy until that court day came
Couldn't afford that case, no body to take your place, family
Hummers at stake
Too late to escape and you're on the run


[Verse 2:] One upon a rhyme, one time when I was a child (Flip
that smile upside down now)
When I found out that Santa Claus was nothing more than Vanilli
It was silly, `cause my mom and pop, they worked for every penny
Didn't have many, but had enough to get by, enough to get fly
Only to start the new year off in debt
Now you forget your happiness came and went like mom and dad's
Take a trip, you bring potato chips, I'll bring the hot sauce


[Verse 3:] 1979, Dirty South, Local lounge (Flip that smile
upside down now!)
I never thought that alcohol could ease the notion of the
Now what used to be a happy home done turned into some bad shit!
Graphic language, mild violence and the silence of the fams!
No members to remember, but I know just who I am
I've grown into a man and like my nigga said we executed the
game plan
`Cause we got that hot sauce!!!


Composição: Antwan Patton / David Sheats · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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