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You Can't Want What You Always Get...

Peter Hammill

Give it a bit of hard on the rudder
hot on the heels of foot to the floor;
setting your mind on one thing or the other,
do you still find you're
always wanting something more?
Yes, and the thing you want forever
is always the thing you can never have -
I want doesn't get.

Try out the line of 'This is original';
spin out the story: 'This is brand new';
give a bit of 'I never felt like this before';
cut to the chase: 'I only want you'.

And the one you want forever
will always be the one you can never have....

(Here's a message from the future I want
you don't have time to forget.... doesn't get
Here's a message from the darkside: I want
better live with your regrets.) Doesn't get

And the thing you want 's forever -
it's always, the thing you can never have....
I want doesn't get.

Who was it told you you were the gifted one?
Who was it said that yours is the lucky star?
Somehow you're always looking to shed your next skin,
always too busy to be who and what you are,
still the one you chase forever
turns into the one you can never have.

(Here's a message for your present I want
and there isn't any catch: doesn't get
better live the life you're living, I want
no conditions are attached.) Doesn't get

You can't live a life as constant acquisition,
you're missing the present,
always looking to live in the future tense;

You build up your hopes for Corpus Non Delicti....
the crack of temples -
who're you going to sue for recompense
when the thing you want forever
will always be the thing you could have had?

(Here's a message from the future I want
that you'd better not forget..... just means I lack
Here's a message from the darkside but I don't want
better live with your regrets. to turn the clock back
Here's a message for the present I want
if you haven't got it yet: doesn't get
better live the life you're living.) I want
Doesn't get.

Composição: Peter Hammill · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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