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Put Up Or Shut Up

Quiet Riot


She's got hurricane eyes
And know what she sees
She's got lovin' thighs
And she gets it for free

She makes a cigarette shake
And don't need no advice
She won't put on the breaks
And you feed her device, yeah

She's gonna tease you up and down now
Gonna play for keeps

I said

Put up
Or shut it up now
Put up
Or shut it up


She's got hounds on her trail
And they follow her scent
She's the kind of female
That don't need no good sense
(She's wild)

She's got a license to thrill
And she shoots from the hip
Takes her power up well
And your passion is sure to drip

And all so packaged move for speed now
When the feeling climbs

I said

Put up
Or shut it up now
(You gotta, gotta)
Put up
Or shut it up



You want a piece of the action
And I don't want to be cheated, no
Gotta feel the connection
She's turning on her feet, yeah!

Oh, here we go
Comin' to getcha babe
Oh yeah

She's got hurricane eyes
And you know what she sees
She's got love in her thighs
And she gives it away for free

She's gonna tease you up and down now
Gonna play for keeps

You gotta

Put up
Or shut it up now
I said
Put up (Ha!)
Or shut it up (Now)
Why don'tcha
Put up
Or shut it up
Why don'tcha
Put it up
Or shut it up

Why don'tcha
Put up
Or shut it up now
Put it up
Or shut it up now


Composição: Carlos Cavazo / Chuck Wright / Frankie Banali / Kevin DuBrow · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
Enviada por Vicky
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