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Believe In Me

R. Kelly

Baby, if we're gonna make it
We're gonna make it together
That’s right, you can do this
Ill been gone for a minute, no you cant take it
The lords walkin with me so, im gonna make it
Girl dry your eyes, baby be strong
Look at me im gonna really need ya to be strong
Girl for the both of us, and for our family
I can make it if you just stay beside me
Hold it together up until my returning
Light a candle, read a scripture from a journey
I know that heavens gonna make a way for me
So write a kiss on a letter send it to me
An imma think about ya everyday
But until the sun shine my way
Girl, imma need ya to believe in me
Girl, imma need ya to believe in me
Gil, while im gone jus know
Ill be back, oh, ill be back, oh, ill be back
Ill be back for you
Ill be back, oh, ill be back, oh, ill be back
Wait on me and ill come back to you
Ya so tough, smile through this sh, and baby walk with ya head up
Don let em tell ya that’s the end of me (no no)
Ill be back just like the boomerang
You aint really gotta worry bout nothing
Im not a dummy, i stashed something (baby)
For you an me girl when i get out
And believe me im gonna get out
And im gon take you straight out the hood
You gotta know this aint forever babe
You gotta know we gon make it to a better place
Until then ill be thinkin bout you everyday
Til the sun shine my way
Girl, imma need ya to believe in me
Girl, imma need ya to believe in me
And whenever im gone jus know
Ill be back, oh, ill be back, oh, ill be back
Girl ill be back for you
Ill be back, oh, ill be back, oh, ill be back
Wait on me and ill come back to you
Girl save ya strength youre gonna need it to be there for me
All odds against us and i hope you still believe in me
Cuz i believe in us you know im all about our destiny
And let no man take us under. rise to our victory,
Turn back the hand of time, reminisce the memories
Put yo hand in mine walk with me spiritually
In a minute of the storm with the pourin rain

Girl, imma need ya to believe in me
Girl, imma need ya to believe in me (in me)
And whenever im gone just know
Ill be back, oh, ill be back, oh, ill be back
Girl ill be back for you
Hey wait on me
Baby jus wait on me
Girl imma need ya to believe
Hey you the matter
Hey you the matter
Believe in me hey
Whenever im gone jus know
Ill be back, oh, ill be back, oh, ill be back, oh, ill be back, oh, ill be back, oh, ill be back, oh, ill be back
Jus wait on me and ill come back to you

Composição: R. Kelly · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
Enviada por Andrea
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  128. Going Through Changes
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