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School Is Out

Regina Spektor

School is out
And I walk the empty hallways
I walk alone
Alone as always
There's so many lucky pennies
Lying on the floor
But where the hell are all the lucky people
I can't see them any more
And there's such a nasty smell
In the bathroom
The people float by
While the toilets are flushing
And there's all this shit written on the bathroom wall
With a leaky pen
And Lisa loves Jason
Oh, Jason loves Ben

And a letter from Michigan
Is sittin' on my desk
And I remember one (thought?)
But I forget all the rest
And the ice cream is melted
And dripping down my neck
And my bottles standing on the edge of the table
And I think it's in the mood to brea-a-a-a-k
Me, just brea-a-a-a-k
Me, just, just break me

And I messed myself up again
Nobody really cares
I wish I could just have some time
To play with my old teddy bear
And maybe I could go
To teddy bear heaven
Just like her
'Cause well, she went when she was eleven
But I stayed late
'Cause I can't understand physics
I don't want to go home
And cook myself dinner
Or look in the mirror
That big, fat mirror
That swallows me up in a corridor
Oh, just swallows me whole

And ga-gangles a robber
And ga-gangles the gun
And ga-gangles the bittersweet
Judgmental nun
Ga-ganles the gun
And ga-gangles the purse
And ga-gangles the over-fucked
Registered nu-u-u-urse
Me, just nu-u-u-urse
Me, just, just nurse me

School is out
And I walk the empty hallways
I walk alone
Alone as always
There's so many lucky pennies
Lying on the floor
But where the hell are all the lucky people
Where the hell are all the lucky people
I can't see them
A-a-any more

Composição: Sabe quem é o compositor? Envie pra gente.
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