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I was a poor little kid in the lungs of new York

Just like a motherless son of a bitch
Loaded on ephedrine looking for downers and coke
Like a sun that just wouldn't set out on the horizon
Singing and dancing to them nighttime songs

I took a train and came up from Carolina
I was looking for something to do
Nothing I found could ever quite occupy me
With nothing to gain there's always nothing to lose
Singing and dancing to them nighttime songs
Cry me a river till the morning comes

I should've died a hundred thousand times
Teetering stoned off the side of buildings
Nobody loved me and nobody even tried
You cant hang on to something that wont stop moving
Singing and dancing to them nighttime songs

I got arrested down south for hitting a clerk
I spit in his face, the bastard knocked me out
He leered at my lady and then he touched her face
Thank God she had the money to bail me out
Singing and dancing to them nighttime songs
Cry me a river till the morning comes

Bar room boogie just like in the movies
Go on put it to me shake it till the rattles come on
Take me where the morning don't come

I had a dog named Jet, when I was a kid
Until one day he wandered off and died
One night I went in the yard and dug him up
And he laid in the box just like a pile of bones
Singing and dancing to them nighttime songs

I used to get loaded and baby Id drive your car
It seemed like there was always a cop
Coming behind me and following close as they could
Eventually they'd just trail off
Loaded and cruising to them nighttime songs
Cry me a river till the morning comes

Bar room boogie just like in the movies
Go on put it to me shake it till the rattles come on
Take me where the morning don't come

I think I died a hundred thousand times
Mixing liquor with mystery pills
Mystery pills and heroin mixed into cocaine
Face down out on the riverside
Most of my friends are married and making them babies
To most of them I already died
And whatever it is about you I've always hated
Is something about myself I just couldn't hide
And I'm going going baby I'm gone

So cry me a river to the other side of the morning
To where the morning don't come
To where the morning don't come
To where the morning don't come

Composição: Sabe quem é o compositor? Envie pra gente.
Enviada por Maria
Traduzida por Isadora
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  42. My Love For You Is Real
  43. Crossed Out Name
  44. Invisible Riverside
  45. Memories Of You
  46. Answering Bell
  47. La Cienega Just Smiled
  48. Somehow, Someday
  49. Nobody Girl
  50. Sylvia Plath
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  54. Goodnight, Hollywood Blvd.
  55. You Will Always Be The Same
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  73. Strawberry Wine
  74. Angels Are Messengers From God
  75. Don't Be Sad
  76. Matrimony
  77. Nightbirds
  78. Voices
  79. Perfect And True
  80. For No One
  81. My California Love
  82. Tell It To My Heart
  83. You Don't Know Me
  84. Goodnight Rose
  85. Lovesick Blues
  86. Vampire
  87. Halloween Head
  88. Two Hearts
  89. Goodbye Honey
  90. I Know Where I Live
  91. Don't Get Sentimental On Me
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  93. Dreams Of A Working Class Clown
  94. Go Easy
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  97. Baby, I'm A Fool For You
  98. 200 More Miles
  99. So Hot, So Cold
  100. Come On Little Girl
  101. Rocks
  102. Save Me
  103. I Love You But I Don't Know What To Say
  104. Ashes & Fire
  105. Enemy Fire
  106. Gonna Make You Love Me
  107. Tina Toledo's Street Walkin' Blues
  108. Hallelujah
  109. Cry On Demand
  110. Tennessee Sucks
  111. Gimme A Sign
  112. Amy
  113. Jesus (Don't Touch My Baby)
  114. 1974
  115. Luminol
  116. Burning Photograhs
  117. She's Lost Total Control
  118. Not To Self: Don't Die
  119. Rock N Roll
  120. Anybody Want To Take Me Home
  121. Do Miss America
  122. Boys
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  12. Life Is Beautiful
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  14. A Song For You
  15. Ah Life
  16. Beautiful Sorta
  17. Blue
  18. California
  19. Cannonball Days
  20. Caterwaul
  21. Closer When She Goes
  22. Cold Roses
  23. Dance All Night
  24. Dear John
  25. Don't Even Know Her Name
  26. Easy Plateau
  27. Factory Girl
  28. Friends
  29. From Me To You
  30. Fuck The Universe
  31. Funeral Marching
  32. Games
  33. Halloween
  34. Hard Time Situation
  35. Hard Way To Fall
  36. Hey Parker, It's Christmas
  37. Hypnotixed
  38. I Want To Go Home
  39. I'm Coming Over
  40. Luxury
  41. Mara Lisa
  42. Meadowlake Street
  43. Mockingbird
  44. Monday Night
  45. My Blue Manhattan
  46. My Heart Is Broken
  47. Nervous Breakdown
  48. Now That You're Gone
  49. Off Broadway
  50. Peaceful Valley
  51. Red Lights
  52. Rosalie Come & Go
  53. Rosebud
  54. Secret Powers
  55. September
  56. Silver Bullets
  57. Silver Wings
  58. Song For Keith
  59. Suspicion
  60. Sweet Black Magic
  61. Tell Me How You Want Me
  62. The Bar Is A Beautiful Place
  63. The Fools We Are As Men
  64. The Hardest Part
  65. Trains
  66. Twice As Bad As Love
  67. Waves Crashing
  68. What Sin
  69. Withering Heights
  70. Captain Smith
  71. Drank Like A River
  72. Houses On The Hill
  73. Jacksonville Skyline
  74. Too Drunk To Dream
  75. 29
  76. Avenues
  77. Ballad of Carol Lynn
  78. Bar Lights
  79. Black Arrow, Bleeding Heart
  80. Carolina Rain
  81. Desperate Ain't Lonely
  82. Don't Wanna Know Why
  83. Easy Hearts
  84. Elizabeth, You Were Born To
  85. Empty Baseball Park
  86. Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart Tonight
  87. Faithless Street
  88. Hard Luck Story
  89. Here's To The Rest Of The World
  90. Inn Town
  91. Losering
  92. Macon, Georgia County Line
  93. Midway Park
  94. Mining Town
  95. Mirror, Mirror
  96. My Hometown
  97. Not Home Anymore
  98. Oklahoma
  99. Paper Moon
  100. Pawn Shop Ain't No Place for a Wedding Ring
  101. Reasons to Lie
  102. Sit & Listen To The Rain
  103. Somebody Remembers The Rose
  104. Take Your Guns To Town
  105. Tennessee Square
  106. The Sadness
  107. Tonight
  108. Top Dollar
  109. Turn Around
  110. Under Your Breath
  111. Waiting To Derail
  112. Argument with david rawlings about morrissey
  113. Blue Sky Blues
  114. Bow To The Sad Lady
  115. Cracks In A Photograph
  116. Famous Eyes
  117. I'm Waiting
  118. Idiots Rule The World
  119. Pretenders
  120. Arkham Asylum
  121. Blue Hotel
  122. Breakdown Into The Resolve
  1. Party Clown
  2. She Turn It Up To 10
  3. Starlite Diner
  4. Thank For Bringing Drinks Out
  5. Brown Sugar
  6. The Sun Also Sets
  7. Pearls on a string
  8. Rip off
  9. I taught myself how to grow old
  10. Angelina
  11. One For The Rose
  12. Karina
  13. Little Moon
  14. Walls
  15. Tears of gold
  16. Oh My God, Whatever, Etc.
  17. Blanket of Booze
  18. These Girls
  19. Hello Gracie
  20. Trouble on wheels
  21. Freeway To The Canyon
  22. Black Clouds
  23. When The Music Don't Come
  24. At The Dive-In
  25. Picture of Jesus on the dashboard
  26. Sometimes that's hard to do
  27. The Ghosts Are Out Tonight
  28. Follow the lights
  29. Down in a hole
  30. Charmed
  31. Dear Anne
  32. The Poison and The Pain
  33. The String and The Wire
  34. Queen Of The World
  35. Onslow County
  36. My Father's Son
  37. Learn To Love
  38. Cobwebs
  39. Evergreen
  40. Stop
  41. Magick
  42. Natural Ghost
  43. Sink Ships
  44. Let us down easy
  45. Dunno
  46. Abigail
  47. Barter Town
  48. Bound To Happen (Probably Gonna Happen)
  49. Born Yesterday
  50. Boon Town
  51. Blue And Shy
  52. Billy Joel
  53. Breathe (Believe)
  54. The Bed That I Bought
  55. Be Careful
  56. The Battle
  57. Barns On Fire
  58. Autumn In New York
  59. As I Fall
  60. Anarchy Time
  61. All You Can Feel
  62. Comfortable Only At Night (All I Wanted)
  63. Actors On Actors
  64. 1986
  65. Jeane
  66. I Still Miss Someone
  67. Operator, Operator
  68. Do You Wanna Get High?
  69. Highway 145
  70. Yesterday's News
  71. Ticket Time
  72. Wither, I'm A Flower
  73. The Strip (Dancing With The Women At The Bar)
  74. 4th Of July
  75. 38 Special
  76. Young Winds
  77. Testy, Testy
  78. Red Red Red Red Wine
  79. Win
  80. Mega-Superior Gold
  81. Candy Doll
  82. California Gasoline
  83. Butterfly In Reverse
  84. The Burrito Song
  85. Do You Want It?
  86. Diamonds Or Hearts
  87. Destroy Yourself
  88. Dear Thief
  89. Dear Diary
  90. Daddy's Gonna Die
  91. Crossing Foggy Mtns
  92. Crazy About You
  93. Come Monday
  94. Madeline
  95. Closure
  96. Clear My Head (or In My Head?)
  97. Clearly Destroyed
  98. Choked Up
  99. Chicken Blues
  100. Cemetery Hill
  101. Lovely and Blue
  102. Wasteland
  103. Dear Candy
  104. Ultraviolet Light
  105. Stop Playing With My Heart
  106. Happy Birthday
  107. Users
  108. Icebreaker
  109. Typecast
  110. Star Wars
  111. Numbers
  112. The Crystal Skull
  113. No
  114. Sewers At The Bottom Of The Wishing Well
  115. My Favorite Song
  116. Kisses Start Wars
  117. When That Wind Wild Blows
  118. P.s.
  119. Death And Rats
  120. Kindness
  121. Chains Of Love
  122. Note To Self : Don't Die
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