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I've Never Seen


You know they say
In every man's life, there comes a time
When you get struck by the arrow of cupid
By the love of God, or the beauty of a woman
Sometimes this love, brings thunder into your life
And it brings the storm, sing about it

[Xavier Naidoo]
There was once a love in this
Love is more than just a kiss
Will we take you to that step
Will we do more than just connect
And will you, bring the thunder in my life
And the fire in my eyes
Cause then there, will be days of pleasure when
Everything far will be so near

[Hook: Xavier Naidoo (woman)]
I have never felt thunder (thunder)
And lighting (lightning) like this
I have never been struck by (struck by)
A wonder (a wonder) like this

[Xavier Naidoo]
There aren't days where I can, stop talking about you
There aren't days I can't stop, saying your name
And I'm looking for ways in never, to part from you, ha-ha
And everything change and you, still stayed the same

[Chorus 4X: Xavier Naidoo]
I've never seen, and there's never been
Anything, with the beauty of you

Yo, yo, yo
Aiyo, shorty, I've never met someone so beautiful
From your hair follicle to your finger nail cuticle
Struck by the arrow of cupid, this love is deep rooted
Like someone, took my heart sampled it and looped it
To a song that's endless, passion brings the tempest
I'll slay a thousand dragons to save my little princess
A walking gift from God, you are my shining star
The diamonds and gold that most men be mining for

[Xavier Naidoo]
Days that we shared our light treasures
The treasure light fire is to mankind-ac

Composição: Michael Herberger / Robert Diggs / Xavier Naidoo · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
Enviada por Diandra
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