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A Drag In "D" Flat

Saves The Day

If every limb were broken,
tires had all worn thin
and my toes are all in pieces.
Do you know
what I would do?
I would play can you drag yourself
200 miles
with just your fingernails?
A little game that I made up.
Do you know that I never ever lose?
There is nothing to
keep me from coming back to you
cause I can picture all the pictures of you
and me on your walls.
What would it take to make you mine forever?
Just your fingernails,
a little game that I made up.
Do you know, that I never ever lose?
Could I cut out my liver,
make a special potion
to close my flat?
Three parts my heart.
Yeah, you know that I would do it in a second.
With just my fingernails,
a little game that I made up.
Do you know that I never ever lose?
With just my fingernails,
a little game that I made up.
Do you know that I never ever lose?
Never lose.

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