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Never Come To Me


Yeah, we back up in the house
Bring me on some of that beat uh huh uh huh
"s-h-i-n-h-w-a" uh uh uh (everything's all right)
"s-h-i-n-h-w-a" uh huh uh huh uh huh

Neul ji nyuh waht ddun sah jin sohk nae moh seup
Ee jae dohl lyuh joo ryuh hae nae soh nae
Geu beet cheul ee reun guh jit dwaen dah jim gwah
Hah yah kae bah rae jin choo uk ee sah rah ji nae

*think about it everytime it's in, in my heart (in my heart)
Ah moo hyang gi up neun nae moh seup ji oo gae ssuh (ji oo gae ssuh)
Doh rah gah don't ever come to me in my life (in my life)
Ji geum ee dae roh nuh ae gyuh tae muh mool soon up ssuh

Mahl hae ssut jji and i just see
Geu toh rohk soom gyuh waht ddun (uh!) mit ddun mahm jin shil (uh uh!)
Ni gah nae ah nae up ssuh ee jaen mi ahn hae baby your time has come to an end noon boo shin ah reum dah oon nae moh seup shine the light
Triple platinum gold and a whole world know
Ee jaen doh rah gah geu nyang gah (gah)
Nae mah mi heun deul li gi juh nae (uh!) nahl dduh nah (what?)

Nah ahl soo up neun nae mah eum sohk jin shil
Ee jae moot jji ahn kae ssuh duh ee sang
Uh doo oon nah ae shi myun ae kkeu teu roh
Gi uk eul moh doo dah gah jyuh gahl kkae young won hi

* repeat

Ji wuh ji jil ahn neun nuh ae moh seup
Nah reul heem deul gae mahn hae
Geu rae waht ddun nae suh toon bah raem doh
Hah yah kae bah rae jyuh gah neun guhl

Bouncin in the benz 600 on grand
Rollin' a thousand with my friend just countin' my ends
Tens and twenties with thousand millions just to spend
Have enough to do whatever think about it stop never
Be right out of chronic room to drink n*gga never
Catch me ballin' in the california sunny weather (weather)
Get my cash and i be a gold getter
Be legit and yo double j (uh huh) the trendsetter

* repeat

Think about it, everytime it's in...

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