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I Never Asked For This

Shock Therapy

So when theres no more to do
Ive grown up to be that i am
A fine line between then and now

Am i really grown up now?
If theres no more to be
Be please me let me be

Cannot think my way out
So what is there to think?
Maybe i will fade

Maybe i can fade
I will never fade
I can only exist

No will to go on
No one to go on
I must be grown up

I must be grown up
I must be grown up
I must be grown up

Living on the edge
Almost falling off
If i fall will i catch me?

Thinking of a better time
My lifetime slips away
I am almost grown up

And now theres no more to de
My dreams are going nowhere
Lifetime is all used up

Better times are straight ahead
But i cant seem to reach
First ill have to die

Just to be a better fool
I have to close my eyes
Then maybe i will fade

Maybe i can fade
No, i will never fade
I can only exist

I never asked for this
I never asked for this
Why is it this way?

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