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We Stand Alone

Sick Of It All

here it is, once again,
tales of betrayal by the ones we call our friends
took us long to get where we are
now were told what weve done is wrong
we all started with something to say
was it our different views or jealousy in the way
now youre the ones setting the rules
just like the establishment youre so against
lay down your laws, say what you will
tell me im wrong and ill defy you

who are you to make up rules and put us down ?
with our friends, well stay to the end
and if it comes down to it, well stand alone

here it is once again, tales of conformity
by the ones who would be king
we never set out to impress anyone
its just an outlet, our chance to be heard
at first you said we hated to much
now you say we just cant hate enough
now youre screaming that weve changed
weve grown up but our beliefs are still the same
its still an outlet for anger and strife
but one more thing, its also our life

(we) we dont need any help (stand alone)
our beliefs are strong enough to (stand alone)
our desires burning deep, in our hearts
its in ourheads, its in our souls
(we) we defy your fucking lies (stand alone)
you question our beliefs (stand alone)
our desires burning deep, in our hearts
its in our heads, its in our souls (stand alone)

...we stand alone

people from the past, they dont want to hear us
the ones they call our peers, they just fear us
aint handin no lies but reality comes off as cold
what you hear from me comes from deep down inside us
this just aint a song of defiance, im just tellin you how it goes

...we stand alone

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