Structure Divine


Cause i can't find pleasure anywhere,this life is strangling
Me if i would turn myself inside out would i find peace of
Mind,would i find peace of mind? and when the silence
Remains and all the fields stays the same it isn't different
From the power that it holds now,where is the pain?,as i
Gaze between my desires there's a shadow and a bleeder
Every once in a while,can't you see my eyes they're
Trembling beware the millions of senses locked in this rusty
Cage,a fanatic rage this time i will stand still and no blood
Will be spilled

[chorus x 4]
Yeah,i think i'm loosing it [x2], - back to normal a feast on
Moral,served on a silver plate...[repeat]

And when the silence remains and all the fields stays the
Same it isn't different from the power that it holds now,
Where is my pain? a big hail to my sadistic pleasures they
Saved my soul for a special price as i begin to fade, the
Creature cries so i'm heading for another one that will
Watch me raise my bloodstained banner no questions asked,
No question asked


A competition that will last until the silent one will speak so
This is it,is this the century sun? mother of destruction,
Please let me be the one to know father of my pure
Aggression,don't cut the way where i will go

Composição: Alfred B. Frenning / Peter Wichers · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
Enviada por Deborah
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