My Dougie

Soulja Boy

My dougie,
My dougie,
My dougie,
My dougie,
My dougie,
My dougie,
My dougie,
She say she like
My dougie, I'm fresh
My dougie, I'm fresh
My dougie, I'm fresh
YEP!! flya then a muhfucka

[Soulja Boy]
Soulja Boy off in this ho
Watch me hit my dougie bitch
Twenty thousand on my chain
Stacks on deck runnin this
Step up on da scene
Superclean with my soulja shades
I see a lotta haters
They musta sipped that haterade
Wipe me down clean as im rubbin on my head
Im fresh im fly
U heard what i said
Sod money gang money keep stackin
Earrings blingin
Iced out platinum
The center of the flo
Gettin boogie wit my partner spain
I told him in 07
2008 is over man
U haters in they mouth
Feel like they talkin shot of novacaine
Im ridin thru da hood two fifteens in my rover range
Soulja Boy Tell Em
I yua on any ho
They call me sbeezy
Watch me YUA on any ho
And no u cant do it like me
Ho so dont do it like me
Folk i see u try to do it like me
Man that shit was ugly

My dougie,
My dougie,
My dougie,
My dougie,
My dougie,
My dougie,
My dougie,
She say she like
My dougie, I'm fresh
My dougie, I'm fresh
My dougie, I'm fresh
YEP!! flya then a muhfucka

[Lil Will]
Walk up on the set
Stepping on a swag,
Clothes got a dro odor so you kno I blow bats
Fresher than a muthafucka pockets got stacks
Hoes lookin over here cuz they like ski jack
Chirper goin off like I got a dispatch ???
Lookin for that work and I aint about to holla back
Post up on the whip and start lookin for somethin bad
Nice thighs, cute face, and gotta have a phat ass
Bust that pussy open then I tell her bring it back
Im a beast up in these sheets, its like somethin ya never had
Caught you in the club doin that sexy ass dance
Dropped it down to the floor and bought it back up in a stance
I like the way she workin it
Ass sit right and its like magic when she twirkin it
Baby dont ya jerk me
I know this is for certain
Cuz she gauranteed she let me beat then ill murk it

My dougie,
My dougie,
My dougie,
My dougie,
My dougie,
My dougie,
My dougie,
She say she like
My dougie, I'm fresh
My dougie, I'm fresh
My dougie, I'm fresh
YEP!! flya then a muhfucka

[Lil Will]
Just gotta fade
Dressed to impress
Bone got a shoe fetish, so you kno I stay fresh
I aint worried bout that mess
A couple grand up on my chest
Plus drew then bought a tick
And I stay phresher than some sex
Dont want my shoes to get no ???
Dont want no bitch to touch my neck
Ill tear this club up, if I feel some disrespect
I just wanna find a chick
Cuzz lil will then popped an ecx
And I dont wanna work hard cuz im feignin for some sex
Do my dougie fresh and watch them hoes get to choosin
Middle of the club
Jammin hard to my music
Bet ya cant do me like a triple x movie
Pull my dick up out ya p**sy let it slap ya on ya booty
Goin hard in that jacuzzi
On my gaurder like a ???
Start ot persuin ???
Dont know wat im doin
Better check me out fully
Mixed that dougie fresh
With that northside boogie

My dougie,
My dougie,
My dougie,
My dougie,
My dougie,
My dougie,
My dougie,
She say she like
My dougie, I'm fresh
My dougie, I'm fresh
My dougie, I'm fresh
YEP!! flya then a muhfucka

My dougie

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