Islands Unite

Steel Pulse

Woe oh now
Unite all the islands unite
And fight the wicked dem out a sight

First world your bomb is ticking
Dirty deed and politricking
A whore's a whore, a witch is a witch
Answer to your name Elizabitch

Third world it's time for switching
Watch how the tables are turning
We must abandon the sinking ship
So here's your chance don't make it slip

Unite all the islands unite
And fight the wicked dem out a sight

Christopher Columbus and Captain hook
Pirates of the oceans glorified
Written in your books
They never knew that this ya music
Would help us find our way
It's the source I say that makes us one
Pumping through our veins

Unite all the islands unite
And fight the wicked dem out a sight

Independence is what we crave for
So leave our riches alone
Don't wanna be your footstool cause you rule
With your heart of stone
Don't want corruption to lead us
And keep the masses poor
Now prophecy must fulfil
Pon Babylon the whore

Unite all the islands unite
And fight the wicked dem out a sight

You take the commonwealth and make the common poor
Your tables are turned, cause we know the score
We gonna scrap your script, and flip you ship
No more lashes from the massa's whip
The bomb a tick, a cause panic, and when it hit
Your world will smash to bits
Bit by bit, bit by bit
Woe no no na yeah
Unite and fight

Composição: David Hinds · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
Enviada por Joao
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