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Pull the Curtain

Sum 41

(Where'd I go wrong?)
Pull the curtain, begin
Paranoia's wearing thin now
It's wearing thin now
(Where'd I go wrong?)
Close my eyes, realize
I've become the victimized now
Desensitized now

The one and only day has come
I pay for all the bad things I've done

(Where'd I go wrong?)
Something's wrong because I find the glamour
In the dark side, In the dark side
(Where'd I go wrong?)
Cheap regrets, can't forget
Falling victim to the debt still,
Unpaid in my mind

The one and only day has come
I pay for all the bad things I've done

It's gonna take me, you don't know tragedy
I've been to hell and back, again to tell it
Close my eyes and lay me down to sleep
I fear the worst my beating heart ticks to explode
And my time is up so...

Why can't I just die?

living dead awake, the horror show begins
So pull the curtains over me
(Bring on the panic
The uncontrolled and manic
It's a free-for-all, kill them all, every last one of them
(Well hey hey hey yeah)
i don't care at all)

Suffocate the dreams in my mind
(Well I can't stop believing)
Drown the thoughts that have me confined
(This life's hard to begin)
Gutter dreams as black as the night
(Mom and Dad were wrong)
No one told me empathy's a lie
(Lost in paranoia)

(My last words, i'm choking
are all my dreams broken?
the silence is deafening
my ears won't stop ringing)

Now we're gone, do you still feel
the same? Well now, can't you see?
I need help to stop me from myself
Well can't you help me now?

Composição: Deryck Whibley · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
Enviada por Thiago
Traduzida por Luiz
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