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Kill Me Now

System Of a Down

Stop the world!

Livin' life in the fast lane, no time to feel any pain
The way you were brought up, left you so stuck up
Now all you are is just one big fuck up
The liars, the beggers, the pushers, the thieves
Never givewhat you really need
And it's only now that you just find out
All they wanna do is make you bleed
Where'd it all go? What's it all mean?
How'd I end up here so far inbetween
Where am I going? Where have I been?
What is the circumstance I'm living in?
You drive yourself nuts trying to figure this out
Finding the answer to what life's about
But the more that you ask, the less that you see
We're a part of this one giant hipocracy

And the piper blows
And the audience grows
Fall to their knees
They worship greed
And the TV plays
It's Simon says
Can I make this clear?
Get me the fuck out of here!

Stop the world! I wanna get off!
I can't take this bullshit!
It stinks so bad, it's making me cough
This place is a fucking hell!
I'm so tired of the bullshit smell
Mess with me, I'm bound to get tough
Stop the world, I wanna get off!

Everyday is like a sentence
A convicted crimminal doing penance
But for our sins, there's no repentence
You are the sorceror's apprentice
The living cry for the dying
And yes there is no denying
That a referee call, gonna save us all
Instead we find that they are lying

I wanna tell you, that it's gonna be fine
People like me, say it all the time
But the truth is, you gotta live smart
Stick up for yourself,

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