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Deep Enough

The Corrs

We hit the room, me and my crew
and it was cool, until we bumped into you
now it's been years, but there you were
like a mustang, redlinin' every single gear
with a man that danced like he was born
in '49, but lost his groove back when jesus died
i wanna know, are those replacement hips?
is that a swatch watch? do you know what time it is?

does he run it deep enough
to take you there?
does he run it deep enough
oh tell me baby
does he run it deep enough?
tell me, tell me
does he run it deep enough?
does he run it deep enough for you?

we hit a couch, the place was packed
with sweaty palms, sweaty thongs, and sweaty backs
my mouth was dry, my brain cold high, the groove was right, so idecided to
your eyes met mine, you skirt began to rise, and so did i
now you know that i took that prize
in the middle of the club, in the middle of the club, in themiddle of club
now tell me!

does he run it deep enough
to take you there?
does he run it deep enough
oh tell me baby
does he run it deep enough?
tell me baby

what did i do? what did i say?
that gave you away
tell me what didn't i do, what didn't i say
that sent you away from me

does he run it deep enough
to take you there?
does he run it deep enough
oh tell me baby
does he run it deep enough
oh tell me, tell me
i'm just a jealous guy, i'm just a jealous guy, come on!

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