The Flower Kings

Smile-when you face suspect, corrupt, degenerate, merchants of melody
Smile-when you need respect, all you get is nails and poison from lizards tails
Smile-like the smart, sofisticate burnout sisters of hollow high harmonies
Smile-like the jester who knows what's expected, you smile in the face of your enemy
Fire-It's the sense of justice, the flame that light up the truth when time is done
Fire-at the mirrors edge, that reflect the conflict of a ruthless bussinesman
Fire-He can see a spark in the starless night of this cold and heartless town
Fire-So he can put it out, see them everywhere standing by to bring you down
Hope-when there's no place left in this wicked world for all of the decent men
Hope-You know all you get is a sad, sad feeling you're not going back again
Hope-You are miles ahead when you build a house and invite your enemy
Hope-For the living dead, in long time lost and dissolved democracy
Run for the power,run for the gold
Run from the fire, into the cold
Run for the diamonds, run from the dust
Run from the darkness into the dusk
Running for money, running for fame
Run from the devil, running insane
Run for the kingdom, run for the knife
Run for the living run for your life
Smile-I will rather be a King for a day than jerk for a lifetime, boy
Smile-You can count me out from silly games, cause I'm not your stupid toy
Smile-But you can not buy the experience of a lifetime in the sun
Smile-You're forever chained down the corridors where the blanks and restless run

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