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Guns Are Drawn

The Roots

Yeah it would be cool it could be too
Stop Running round in circles off of what we fuel
Living a lie eventually believing it's true
A lot of people here for us one could be you
It's outrageous and they just ain't nothing
But save us an ocean of brown fists in various flavors
A favor for a favor man, this is the majors
Tell me what you would do with no phone or pagers
No Kinko's, no Fed Ex and no ATM's
What you gone do when the poliece state vegin
Well it already began but I guess it depends on what's really going on
what's happening, huh
Military target practicing
They finna write another patriot act again
The days is short the nights is long
The fight goes on
The pistol and the pipes are drawn

The middle of the night
We fight like barbarians
In sight of the former might
You might think that it's a waste
Of our time
And I think you would be right
Till he drop that rhyme

And some might say that it's a waste of time
Cause ain't no amount of dancing finna break the bondage
We go to war and transcend space and time
When every record ain't a record just to shake behinds
You know the stakes is high we in the face of drama
That's why we can't shake it or escape the problem
Its like a game of roulette the barrel revolving
They only wanna see us occupying a coffin
Mothers crying too often from they lost child leaving
From trying to get over, get under, get even
Get inside getting, getting dumped, getting greedy
We got to get it right
It ain't about to be easy
You better pull you goggles up, it's about to get greasy
Believe it's on as long as we can still speak freely
Pages of my life would make it hard to read me
I know my people hearing me, holler it you hear me

[Repeat Hook]

Composição: A.P. Thompson / Charles Douglas / Cindy Walker / L. Ron Hubbard / Tariq Trotter · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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