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Choke Me

The Used

(Crazy english lady sings Happy Birthday and He´s A Jolly Good Fellow)

Choke Me (secret song)

As of now I´m down straight up
And I can turn to the box for some peace
Or a box for a piece
Or a box for a smoke
But they´re all gonna choke me

You´re so crazy(x3)
Enough in a way that I´ll probably say you destroyed me

It´s like a fucking drug deal
I´m sitting here waiting
I´m calling you back
and you won´t call me back
and it´s fucked up, but at the same time it just made me want you even worse.

For awhile I was cleaner than now
Then I started to destroy myself
With things that I love now the things that I hate
Until it finally broke me

Bert, fuck my ass! Now! Fuck my ass, now!
Choke me .

Composição: Sabe quem é o compositor? Envie pra gente.
Enviada por Guilherme
Traduzida por Rodrigo
5.013 exibições
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