Top Special

The White Stripes

Top special, baby!
Top! Top!
Top Special!
Top special, baby!
You're my best friend!
Top! Top!
Top Special!
Let's not fight, okay? Oh yeah.
Top special, baby!
Top! Top!
Top Special!
It's cool, it's cool to go to school, it's cool!
Top special, baby!
Top! Top!
Top Special!
All right, best friends til' the end, yeah!
Top special, baby!
Top! Top!

If I don't go to school, I don't get to see you...
...and that's not cool.
You're my best friend!

All right. Everybody keep it cool. Yeah. Let's keep it cool. Let's be friends.
Top special, baby!
Top! Top!
Top Special!
Oh yeah!
Top special, baby! Oh! Yeah! Top!
Top Special!
What? Why would you say something like that? But you're my best friend!
Wha..uh... I don't understand...
It's not cool! It's not cool! It's not cool!
Come on. We can still be friends. No, we can still be friends! I mean it! I don't want to be friends with her. I...I don't want to be friends with him either. No. Okay. Here we go. (???) No. Everythings cool. And then we're gonna go to get an ice cream after school and then together and I'll carry your books, then when we're on the bus I'm gonna play with you... I'm gonna play. You're still my top special friend. (and we're gonna sit together on the bus...and um...)

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