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Physical (feat. Nicole Scherzinger)


Let me into your life
Gimme a minute
Gimme the night
I know a seceret spot where we can hide
I'll take you there if your willing to ride

Look around this place is no suprise
I'm the girl and baby u the guy
I got a body u can exercise
Let's kick it up a notch to 99

Let's dance
Let's get, physical
Work your body like some cardio
Let's dance
Let's get, physical
Let's get emotional and take off our cloths

Don't need the breakfast goin overdrive
Thought the clock was goin overtime
Have to throw it to you over right
Bet my money staying over night

Look around this place is no suprise
I'm the girl and baby u the guy
I got a body u can exercise
Let's kick it up a notch to 99

Let's dance
Let's get, physical
Work your body like some cardio
Let's dance
Let's get, physical
Let's get emotional and take off our cloths

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