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What We Do

Tony Yayo

(feat. Lloyd Banks)

[Lloyd Banks:]
Uh huh GGGG G Unit
Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo
50 Cent

[Tony Yayo:]
New York now

[Verse 1: Lloyd Banks]
Sometimes I wake up by my bed sweatin' but it still feels like i'm dreamin'
Forty cal. under my pillow, condom feelin' my semen
The physical presence of a females the form of a demon
That's why, I fuck 'em and leave 'em
Get my nut while I'm breathin'
Never thought they'd catch me slippin' now I'm duckin' and drippin'
That's a thousand dollar outfit what the fuck is you rippin'?
You trippin'
On records I could get my ass in position
Death wish for no religion whether Catholic or Christian
Listen, I went through Mama Bitchin' in and out the kitchen
With probable cause cuz papa was in and out the prison
I'm a soldier, holdin' my weight on my own ya know
Its Tony Yayo
Let 'em have it

[Verse 2: Tony Yayo]
Niggas actin' like we go back like car seats
Wait a minute pa, you ain't hard on these streets
I got some hard body bitches in a wide body coupe
That give you more stitches than an Armani suit
Since god made dirt
Dirt don't hurt
Unless you six feet deep or in the back of a hearse
Hood rats in the hood can't concentrate
Cause they see the Cardiare with the rosey face
Some hustle for clothes some hustle for sneakers
Me I got Os i'm givin' out free peices
You heard me
I'm givin' out free peices
You heard me nigga
We givin' out free peices

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