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Eastside Westside

Tony Yayo

[Tony Yayo]
This that gangster shit (uh-huh)
This that rider shit (uh-huh)
This that gangster shit (uh-huh)
This that rider shit

[Chorus: Tony Yayo]
I got killers on the Eastside.. and killers on the Westside
Down South niggaz they feel me
New York niggaz wanna kill me - CAUSE I'M A GANGSTER!
I got killers on the Eastside.. and killers on the Westside
Southside niggaz they feel me
New York niggaz wanna kill me - CAUSE I'M A RIDER!

[Tony Yayo]
I'm in that black Jeep T with the earthquake tweeters
I ride through your hood and I shine like Jesus
These hoes be lovin you, pushin a vehicle
Picked her up in my BMW
760 in a Nautica color
When I'm rollin on mine ain't no room for rubber
Tryin to push 800's, they ain't made them yet
Vipers, Corvettes and the drop-top Lex
Yo I'm rich so I move in layers, hits make new careers
That's why your bitch on my dick suckin pubic hairs
My gat is ready, my mac is ready
I got a three-five blow 'em like Tackleberry
Yo I told y'all niggaz we would take it to the top
Now we gettin rich and the paper don't stop
Half a mill' deal I signed with Reebok
Goin hardbody like a nigga in Comstock


[Tony Yayo]
Mr. Telephone Man, the feds is tappin my line
Everytime I dial my connects numbers, for bricks all the time
Yo I got a Motorola, Sprint and NexTel
The feds got a hit when I'm makin my next sale - I'm hot
645 drop fresh off the lot
Stash hold a mac with a fridge in the back
I'm that bad bad wolf that'll blow your house down
Three lil' piggies better hold your spots down
One house had bricks, the other had weed
And the third piggy spot, was full of that cheese
27 ki's, that's one point three-five
I'm rich nigga, but I still ride in that hoo-ride
Gold-plated AK's, stupid guns
Like Qusay and Usay *, Saddam's sons


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