Kingdom Of Desire


You used to be on fire, now you chill me to the bone
We used to fly like angels, now we're sinking like a stone
You say you're trying to help me but that ain't the way it feels
I think you're trying to kill me with those stiletto heels

Paint the town black babe and let that pendulum swing
I been stabbed in the back babe
And if you don't love me, I'll never feel a thing

And oh, one thing I know, there's only one place left for me to go

Going back to the kingdom of desire, going down to the valley of the gun
I'm gonna stand too close to the fire, I'm gonna fly too close to the sun

They say the king of love sleeps on a velvet bed
My sheets feel like sandpaper, and my pillow feels like lead
But as sure as Atlantis sank into the sea
I'm sinking like a stone babe, that's how it's got to be

Paint the town black babe and let that pendulum swing
I been stabbed in the back babe
And if you don't love me, I'll never feel a thing

And oh, if I don't have you, there's only one thing left for me to do


(Instrumental break)

When you dig up God's little acre, you lose all peace of mind
You stare into the distance, looking for a sign
But that sign it never comes babe, your wishes won't come true
You keep praying for the rain while the sun beats down on you

And oh, one thing I know, there's only one place left for me to go

Chorus repeats 2x

I'm gonna fly too close to the sun, yeah
I'm gonna fly too close to the sun

Composição: Danny Kortchmar · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
Enviada por Angelo
Traduzida por Andressa
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