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Ego Trippin' 2000 (Remix)

Ultramagnetic MC's

Party peoples, in the place to be
Just for you, it's the Ultra-magnetic, MC's!

[C.Gee] Yeah...
[Keith] Say what, Peter Piper?
[C.Gee] To hell with childish rhymes!
[Keith] Cause this jam is just movin
[C.Gee] The crowd is steady groovin
[Keith] To a supersonic pace
[C.Gee] with highs and STUPID BASS
[Keith] With some pep
[C.Gee] and the step
[Ultra] Cause the beat is so funky the pace is well kept
Cause we're..

"Ultra.." {magnetic, magnetic} doo doo doo-doo
"MC's Ultra.." {magnetic, magnetic} doo doo doo-doo
"MC's Ultra.." {magnetic, magnetic} doo doo doo-doo "MC's"

[C.Gee] So what's his name? Uhh
[Keith] I'm Kool Keith

[Kool Keith]
They use the simple back and forth, the same, old rhythm
that a baby can pick up, and join, right with them
But their rhymes are pathetic, they think they copacetic
Youse a nerds that returns, at least, not poetic
on a educated base, intelligent wise
as the record just turn, you learn, PLUS burn
by the flame of the lyrics which cooks the human brain
Providing overheating knowledge, by means causing pain
Make a migraine, hated yourself, start to melt
While the Technics spin, the wax is on the belt
Motivating clockwise the more you realize
Moe Love's moving steady, by most, with Everready
like a battery, charged, I'm worth the alkaline
Yes the mystery to solve, so seek and define
these words I've given, extremely now driven
with a Datsun, a Maxima to glide
Yes the wizard Kool Keith and I'm sportin my ride
Cause we're

"Ultra.." {magnetic, magnetic} doo doo doo-doo
"MC's Ultra.." {magnetic, magnetic} doo doo doo-doo
"MC's Ultra.." {magnetic, magnetic} doo doo doo-doo "MC's"

[C.Gee] Yeah, what's my name?
Uhh, Ced Gee

[Ced Gee]
Usin frequencies and data, I am approximate
Leaving revolutions turning, emerging chemistry
with the precise implications, acheived, ??
Explorating demonstrating, ruling, dominating
Igniting causing friction with nu-clear ALARMS
Seperates competing biters from me, the scientist
As I execute, lyricist, known as predators
When by strippin high potents and mak-in penicillin
I will surely sort out, and stomp, every pest
Oh the rampaging paramedic, ? is my title
To inform other worlds of such, a hellacaust
Quick serve as a purpose, preparing first aid
with medical utensils, the wizard Ced Gee
is advanced with elevation, astonishing with rhythm
Cause we're

"Ultra.." {magnetic, magnetic} doo doo doo-doo
"MC's Ultra.." {magnetic, magnetic} doo doo doo-doo
"MC's Ultra.." {magnetic, magnetic} doo doo doo-doo
"MC's Ultra.." {magnetic, magnetic} doo doo doo-doo "MC's"

DJ Moe Love!
Spaceman on the guitar..

What is it?? WHAT IS IT??!?!!
(Kool Keith!)

[Kool Keith]
Troop for scientific matter, I probe for evidence
Leading melodies obtaining slight positive beams
of the average formulation apply, mechanically
Maintenable display, expressed, by alternate
Microwave frequencies, directly inorganic
Operating logically, new developments
Seperate accumulating, ambiguous thoughts
Admitting parts specified, particular words
Volunteer agitating, ears of parasites
Respond, duplicating, attempting lyricists
Recognize competition in alternate reality
The General speak up, Corporal Kool Keith
Leaving specimens frozen, near zero degrees
by controlling every germ, a spray disinfectant
with tranquilized brains to stun competitors
Cause we're

"Ultra.." {magnetic, magnetic} doo doo doo-doo
"MC's Ultra.." {magnetic, magnetic} doo doo doo-doo
"MC's Ultra.." {magnetic, magnetic} doo doo doo-doo "MC's"

One Time.. Ced Gee

[Ced Gee]
That more basic style of writing they have no elevation
that a audience respects and gives them an ovation
Yet they think they're so indebtted, using lousy edits
Biting company's beats, too cheap, and get the credit
on the scandal type pace, embezzlement wise
Now as my lyrics tell the truth, you're souped, plus juicin
by the force of my rhythm which freeze the average MIND
Allowin frogs bitin rhythm which can't, be redefined
Gamma ray, planetwise, the more you will despise
Ced Gee, I'm always ready, at least, I'm not confetti
Like a missle I'm precise to see, through inner numbers
bein launched at ?, they can't, sort out the others
This rhyme I'm reciting the words are so exciting
with the DJ on the table, Moe Love is always frying
with a scratch (yeah) and the cut (uhhh)
Then you get up (kick it) proceed to move your butt
Cause we're

"Ultra.." {magnetic, magnetic} doo doo doo-doo
"MC's Ultra.." {magnetic, magnetic} doo doo doo-doo
"MC's Ultra.." {magnetic, magnetic} doo doo doo-doo
"MC's Ultra.." {magnetic, magnetic} doo doo doo-doo "MC's"

Yeah, Ultra forever
90's style

{Ced Gee ad libs to the fade of the beat}

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