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Letters (translation)

Utada Hikaru

I start walking on the warm sand
On a seaside where none of my bad souvenirs can reach
No matter how much you hrut me, the sun is gonna rise
A new day begins
I'm gonna enjoy it
Though I'm not sure where this will lead
Me who is so lasy at work everyday

In the sky tht I hold in my hands, I can see a storm
You and me is over
And all there is left on this seashore
is a letter beeing washed away by the waves

In my dreams, or even just on the phone
I wanna hear your voice
You who always ran away from conversation
Left me a letter that's beeing washed away by the waves

I know I should have called you more often
But it happens to everyone to forget every once in a while
Today I talked to an old man
Who said he was happy, though alone
Me who thinks way too much, have been obsessed by this idea

The name of a flower, the wish made to a star
You and me...
All there's left sitting by my window
Is a letter being washed away by the waves

Even just a little bit, or even through your shirt
I wannna touch you
I still remeber one thing you promised
That you'd come back for sure

Where my thought are, where my dream goes on
You'll be welcome
From wherever I'll be in teh worls,
I'll keep sending myself to you

In my dreams, or even just on the phone
I wanna hear your voice
But if again, you run away from conversation
It'll then have come to the time
Where you shouldn't leave anything behind

Tell me that you'll never ever leave me
Then you go ahead and leave me
What the hell is going on
Tell me that you really really love me
Then you go ahead and leave me
How the hell do I go on...

Composição: Utada Hikaru · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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