Nightmare Part II


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7. Nightmare Part II

Danger, terror from out in the night
Shadows closing coming for my life
How could this have happened? Into misery
Locked inside a nightmare and no one has the key

It happened on a Friday
As I lay awake in bed
This spirit in the forest
Racing straight for my head

Blackness - darkness - madness
You can't know the fear

Locked inside a nightmare
Locked inside a nightmare

Voices louder ringing in my ears
Thought it was the radio (thing's been dead for years)
I can't stand it anymore make it go away
Imagine if you will of knowing you're the prey

Blackness - darkness - madness
You can't know the fear

Pain is falling from the sky, you know you must forget
Vile recollections of unholy black regret
Paralyzed you cannot move, just breathing is a chore
Impossible to stop, it can slip beneath a door

Locked inside a nightmare...

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