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  1. Amanda
  2. We Should Be Together
  3. Ghost Story
  4. Loving You For So Long Now
  5. I Wouldn't Want to Live If You Didn't Love
  6. Come Early Morning
  7. Crying In The Rain
  8. Harry And Joe
  9. I've Been Loved By The Best
  10. It's Gotta Be Magic
  11. Jamaica Farewell
  12. Louisiana Man
  13. Loving You So Long Now
  14. Loving You's Like Coming Home
  15. Missing You Missing Me
  16. My Heart To You
  17. My Rifle, My Pony and Me
  18. What Does It Matter To Me
  19. Senorita
  20. The Long Black Veil
  21. I'm Still Looking for You
  22. Too Many Tears to Make Love Strong
  23. The Only Game in Town
  24. Imagine That
  25. Heart Of Hearts
  26. Rake And Rambling Man
  27. I Can't Get To You From Here
  28. Good Ole Boy Like Me
  29. We're All The Way
  30. Magic Carpet
  31. A Handful Of Dust
  32. Come a Little Closer
  33. Glass House
  34. Heartbeat in The Darkness
  35. Help Yourself to Each Other
  36. Her Perfect Memory
  37. I'll Need Someone To Hold Me
  38. I've Got You To Thank For That
  39. I Don't Think About Her No More
  40. It's Time For Love
  41. Lord Have Mercy on a Country Boy
  42. Miller's Cave
  43. No use Running
  44. Rainy Nights and Memories
  45. Reason To Be
  46. Say It Again
  47. Send Her Roses
  48. Shadow Land
  49. Learn To Let It Go
  50. Ain't It Amazing
  51. All I'm Missing Is You
  52. Another Place Another Time
  53. Atta Way To Go
  54. Back In My Younger Days
  55. Back On My Street Again
  56. Beautiful Woman
  57. Broken Heartland
  58. Catfish Bates
  59. Come From The Heart
  60. Cracker Jack Diamond
  61. Cryin' Eyes
  62. Desperately
  63. Diamonds To Dust
  64. Don't Stop Loving Me Now
  65. Don't You Believe
  66. Don't You Think It's Time
  67. Donald And June
  68. Down The Road I Go
  69. Easy Touch
  70. Elise
  71. Endless Sleep
  72. Especially You
  73. Expert At Everything
  74. Fair Weather Friends
  75. Fallin' In Love Again
  76. Fever
  77. Flowers Won't Grow In Gardens Of Stone
  78. Fly Away
  79. Fool Fool Haert
  80. From Now On
  81. Games People Play
  82. Get Away
  83. Goodbye Isn't Really Good At All
  84. Gulf Shore
  85. How Did You Do It
  86. How Much Time Does It Take
  87. I Can Make It With You
  88. I Don't Wanna Let Go
  89. I Don't Want The Money
  90. I Don't want To Love You
  91. I Keep Putting Off Getting Over You
  92. I Need You To Want Me
  93. I Recall a Gypsy Woman
  94. I Sing For Joy
  95. I Want You Back Again
  96. I Wish I'd Have a Circle Driveway
  97. I Would Like to See You Again
  98. I Wouldn't Be a Man
  99. I'll Be Faithful To You
  100. I'll be There If You Ever Want Me
  101. I'll Forgive But I'll Never Forget
  102. I'll Never be in Love Again
  103. I'll Take Your Love Anytime
  104. I'm Getting Good at Missing You
  105. I'm Stilll Looking For You
  106. I've Got a Winner in You
  107. If Hollywood Don't Need You
  108. If I Needed You
  109. If Love Gets There Before I Do
  110. If You Could Read My Mind
  111. If You Love Me Won't You Love Me Like You Love Me
  112. In The Family
  113. In The Morning
  114. It Must Be Love
  115. It Only Rains On Me
  1. It's Good To See You
  2. It's Who You Love
  3. Just As Long as I Have You
  4. Just cause I'm In Love With You
  5. Just Enough Love
  6. Leaving
  7. Lone Star State Of Mind
  8. Looking Back
  9. Louisiana Saturday Night
  10. Maggie's Dream
  11. Maybe I Just Don't Know
  12. Maybe That's All It Takes
  13. Miracles
  14. Mistakes
  15. Morning Dew
  16. My Woman's Love
  17. No Problem
  18. Nobody But You
  19. Not a Chance
  20. Now and Then
  21. Oh Misery
  22. Old Coyote Town
  23. Old Trail
  24. One Good Well
  25. Only Love
  26. Only Water (Shining In The Air)
  27. Pancho
  28. Peace Train
  29. Pressure Makes Diamonds
  30. Pretend
  31. Pretty Little Baby Child
  32. Restless
  33. Ribbon Of Darkness
  34. Ride On
  35. She Never Knew Me
  36. She's a Heartful
  37. She's In Love With a Rodeo Man
  38. Shelter of Your Eyes
  39. Shot Full Of Love
  40. Silver Threads and Golden Needles
  41. Silver Turns To Gold
  42. Simple Song
  43. Slowly But Surely
  44. Smooth Talking Baby
  45. Sneakin' Around
  46. So Far So Good
  47. Someone Like You
  48. Something About You
  49. Spanish Harlem Acident
  50. Standing In a Sea of Teardrops
  51. Steal My Heart Away
  52. Story of My Life
  53. Such a Lovely Lady
  54. Tears Of The Lonely
  55. Take It Easy On Yourself
  56. Tempted
  57. That Song About The River
  58. Then It's Love
  59. This Side Of The Sun
  60. Ties That Bind
  61. Till I Can't Take It Anymore
  62. Till The Rivers All Run Dry
  63. Time
  64. Time On My Hands
  65. Too Late To Turn Back Now
  66. True Love
  67. Tulsa Time
  68. Wash It All Away
  69. We Can Sing
  70. We Got Love
  71. We Never Tried It With Each Other
  72. We Should Only Have Time For Love
  73. We've Got a Good Fire Goin'
  74. What's The Score
  75. When I'm With You
  76. When Will I Ever Learn
  77. Where Are You
  78. Where The Arkansas River Leaves Oklahoma
  79. Which Way Is Santa Fe
  80. Why Lord Goodbye
  81. Wish I Was In Nashville
  82. Woman You Should Be In Movies
  83. Wrong End Of The Rainbow
  84. Years From Now
  85. Yellow Moon
  86. You Get To Me
  87. You Keep Coming Round
  88. You Love Me Through It All
  89. You're The Only One
  90. You've Got a Friend
  91. You've Got a Hold On Me
  92. Your Sweet Love
  93. Cup O' Tea
  94. Darlin' That's What Your Love Does
  95. Give It to Me
  96. Gettin' Back Together Tonight
  97. He's A Friend Of Mine
  98. If She Just Helps Me Get Over You
  99. Playing Around
  100. Running in the Fast Lane
  101. Sweet Fever
  102. The Letter
  103. Waiting For A Train
  104. Walkin' a Broken Heart
  105. Wonderful Tonight
  106. Look Around You
  107. Lousiana Man
  108. In Love's Endless
  109. Falling Again
  110. Fool Fool Heart
  111. I'll Never Need Another You
  112. Overlookin' and Underthinkin'
  113. Running Out of Reasons to Run
  114. Twas The Night Before Christmas
  115. You Better Sit Down Kids
  116. You Can Believe
  117. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
  118. Tomorrow Is A Long Time
  119. Spanish Harlem Incident
  120. Strawberry Fields Forver
  121. The Side Of The Sun
  122. First Fool In Line
  123. She's A Natural
  124. She's With Me
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