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That's A Woman

Wills Mark

Chestnut hair with just a touch of grey.
Shadows of a few more years on her face.
That ain't the girl that I knew yesterday.
Oh no, now, that's a woman.

Up an' runnin' at the crack of dawn.
There ain't always time to get her make-up on.
But she's more beautiful without it all.
Oh, yeah, that's a woman.

She's got a grace that I don't understand.
She can move mountains with those tender hands.
She makes a King out of a common man.
Yeah, that's me, lucky me.

Oh, yeah, she makes a King out of a common man.
Yeah, that's me; yeah, that's me.

An' in the evening when the kids are down,
An' I can see she's gettin' sleepy now,
Still, she finds some time for me somehow.
Ooh, now, that's a woman.

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