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Worship (The War Against) Yourself


Until we're close to addicts
Now grime is running out
For us to make amends

To retake what once was lost
To exalt our throne above the stars of God

"To throw our fuck into gates and guts
Of a severed neverland
Where we, the damned
Once pleasured ran
Like seamen from the phallus sea"

Composição: Sabe quem é o compositor? Envie pra gente.
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  1. The Prison Of Mirrors
  2. Screaming at Forgotten Fears
  3. Abysmal Depths Are Flooded
  4. May Your Void Become As Deep As My Hate
  5. Slaughtered Useless Beings In A Nihilistic Dream
  6. Telepathic With The Deceased
  7. Damage Your Soul
  8. A Walk Beyond Utter Blackness
  9. Walker of Dissonant Worlds
  10. In The Hate Of Battle
  11. A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors
  12. Cursed Revelations
  13. Doomed By Howling Winds
  14. A sermon in the name of death
  15. Trauma Will Always Linger
  16. Beauty is Only Razor Deep
  17. Entrance into Nothingness
  18. Where the Winter Beats Incessant
  19. A Tortured Shallow Grave
  20. Funerals Drenched in Apathy
  21. The Only Blood That Pours is Yours
  22. Bubonic Plague
  23. Dreams Blacker Than Death
  24. Apparitional Void of Failure
  25. The Funeral Of Being
  26. Soul Abduction Ceremony
  27. Drown Into Eternal Twilight
  28. Murdered Echoes Of The Mind
  29. Dwell Beneath The Woods Of Evil
  30. Marked by Shadows
  31. Reflecting hateful energy
  32. Sigils Made of Flesh and Trees
  33. Spell Within The Wind
  34. Storms of Red Revenge
  35. Xastur Within
  36. Conjuration Of Terror
  37. The eye upon the throne
  38. Keeper Of Sharpened Blades (And Ominous Fates)
  39. Telepáticos cujos
  1. Maze Of Oppression
  2. Masquerade Of Incisions
  3. Subliminal Genocide
  4. Malice Hidden in Surrealism
  5. Pyramid of Skulls
  6. Arcane and Misanthropic Projection
  7. Victim of Your Dreams
  8. Through a Trance of Despondency
  9. Loss and Inner Distortion
  10. Paradise
  11. Obfuscated in Oblivion
  12. All Reflections Drained
  13. Disharmonic Convergence
  14. Inner Sanctum Surveillance
  15. They Bleed to Death
  16. Dirge Forsaken
  17. Achieve Emptiness: Part II
  18. Exit
  19. To Conjure Up the Blackest of Nights
  20. The Light of Those Who Failed
  21. With Hate Freezing in My Veins
  22. Unfailing Fall into Naught
  23. The Remotest Cipher
  24. Achieve Emptiness
  25. Palace of Frost
  26. A Living Hell...
  27. The Southernmost Voyage
  28. The Eerie Bliss and Torture (of Solitude)
  29. The Epitome of Misanthropy
  30. As Fire Scourged the Heavens
  31. Worship (The War Against) Yourself
  32. A Memorial to the Waste of Life
  33. Unblessed Be
  34. Dehumanizing Procession
  35. Legacy of Human Irrelevance
  36. Malignant Prophecy
  37. Oration of Ruin...
  38. Purgatory Spiral
  39. Cemetery of Shattered Masks
  1. Six
  2. Soulless Elegy
  3. Blood From the Roots of the Forest
  4. Lurking in Silence
  5. Forgotten Depths of Nowhere
  6. Nocturnal Poisoning
  7. Legion of Sin and Necromancy
  8. Black Imperial Blood
  9. My Dying Breath
  10. Transcending
  11. The Next Plane of Existence
  12. Desolate World
  13. Holocaust Reborn
  14. Sacrifice
  15. Summon the End of Time
  16. Kingdom of Burning Crucifixions
  17. Black Spell of Destruction/Channeling the Power of Souls into a New God (Burzum Cover)
  18. Possession of Desolate Magick
  19. Suicide in Dark Serenity
  20. Cursed Be the Memory of Light
  21. Untitled II
  22. Consumed By a Dark Paranoia
  23. Untitled
  24. Middle Ages Return
  25. Graying Wasteland (Ritual cover)
  26. Moon Shrouded In Misery
  27. Intro II
  28. Bleak Necrotic Paleness
  29. Tyrant of Nightmares (Darkened Winter Promo '01 version)
  30. Blood From the Roots of the Forest, Part 1
  31. Blood From the Roots of the Forest, Part 2
  32. Intro
  33. The Awakening to the Unknown Perception of Evil
  34. Tyrant of Nightmares
  35. Broken Glass Christening
  36. Horizon Of Plastic Caskets
  37. Miscarriage Of The Soul
  38. Obeyer's Of Their Own Deaths
  39. The Darkest Light
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