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Mornin’ , we back in
My nigga Seth just killed this shit
Don’t let none of these niggers breathe
Took a few weeks all off my grind
That’s a few weeks that y’all don’t need
Saying that this non-repping niggers got nex
That’s a fuckin’ shit I gotta read
Kush feel ball take away my stress
Have her sit back as I proceed
She look good every time she in it
That’s the type of chick that I don’t leave
So a nigga went and got her bray
All these niggers went and got on lame
All these hoes all went and got on x
All these fake ballas got on chain
Made a mixtape plus some millions
My real life is a like a dream
I’m just making and make me think that I have a shot
No wonder I’m chasing it with relationships of the rocks
It makes me wanna stop but I don’t got that in me
Just passion driving in me
Work like my stomach is empty, friendly
The even enemies the dudes who rap dissed me off
‘Cause if it’s beat you want, it’s beat wouldn’t be any talking
Wouldn’t be any tweetin’ wouldn’t be fucking blogging
Gotta fast reloader no recoiling gotta stop the coughing
Still catching metaphors from complex
Y’all thought all shit so simple
They dropping dubs but the height making like they had a missle
They writing raps in stencil
While I go back and forth with labels and datas
Who probably write all of my checks in pencil
Damn, but nobody can say I ain’t patient
They see the changes that I am making
All of this changing nigga been saving
Couple go change cause we still enslaving
Illuminati baking, what the fuck is they saying
Even they say the free mason
Hah, but that’s the game that we playing
Just hope you say something mean and fulfill that grave that you layin
When it’s all set and done and the house music’s playing
It will be 2:15 with all escherions waiting to rise

Rise (for), rise (for), rise (for), rise (for)
Real niggers rise (for), rise (for), rise (for), rise (for)
My city rise (for), rise for, rise for, rise (for)
L7 rise (for), rise (for), rise (for), rise (for)

They build you up to tear you down to build you up again
They see your beauty just to find a flaw to point and grin
‘Cause it makes you smile yo see my frown
Light you up to burn me down
Hear the flow an awesome sound and you just turned it down
Fuck that I turn myself up, peaceful as a monk
But they want me to burn myself up
Don’t let ‘em hold you is what mama told you
You let ‘em put x in the box the game will control you
As these niggers slowly show you they true faces and feelings
They on some witness shit, watching you makin’ the killing
That’s when they speak, saying what they would do
If your shoes could be on their feet
And they ain’t brought the foot nor even legs
So come to where the tri-fires meet
Where gang signs greets
They say I speak,like I don’t rep the place, I sleep
Like I ain’t in the soup 7 days of the week
You got a crown sitting down, I got a sore at my feet

Rise (for), rise (for), rise (for), rise (for)
Real niggers rise (for), rise (for), rise (for), rise (for)
My city rise (for), rise for, rise for, rise (for)
L7 rise (for), rise (for), rise (for), rise (for)

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