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You're Just A Cloud

Yahwe Mutabo

Well, you told me you would meet me over there.
Now it's midnight,
and I'm thinkin' why should I care?
Well you're wastin' all of my time.
I don't mean to whine,
but why don't you leave me alone?
There's so much I'd like to see
without you smotherin' me.
You're just a cloud, so get out of my sky.

Your rain won't stop,
you're just-a-floodin' all o' my dreams.
And your wind just blows away the things I need.

The sun never shines when you're around.
Your shadow is just-a-hoverin' over me.
You keep rainin' on me and I don't know why.
You're just a cloud, so get out of my sky.

I wished upon our star again last night.
You know, the one that shone so bright
when I held you tight.
Just when I thought it might work out for us,
I felt the wind from a mighty gust.
That star had fallen right from the sky!


Well, Mr. Weatherman says:
"The sky is nothin' but clear."
And it seems like the sun is shinin'
everywhere but here.
Well, I don't mean to seem so smart,
but one day honey, your gonna break apart.
But, your tears will be nothin' to me
but puddles on the ground.


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