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F*ck Me


You know forgiving somebody
Is probably the hardest thing you can do in the world
Forgiving somebody for fuckin' you up
Fuckin' up your heart
But I ain't gonna lie man
Asking for forgiveness, shit, is hard too

I don't know why you treat me just like a scumbag
When these bitches ain't shit to me but an autograph
I thought we were bigger than that, I thought we were vast
But you just think that I'm an Alabama piece of trash
Just like my dad I'm lookin' for a piece of ass
Motel 6 so bitch get a piece and dash
All these problems add up, like I need the math
But I'd rather divide if it equals bad
Multiplied the dividend until it feel trapped
Plus you never impressed much minus the bags
I never knew Chanel before I knew you
I knew Wal-Mart and [?]
But if it made you happy I would shop and go
So you could feel all the [?]
Remember when Bob said you were out of my league
I just couldn't believe it I just couldn't conceive
I should have jumped from that fuckin' boat or maybe put a blade to my throat
'Cause I can never be the one you need, be the man of your dreams
I'm a fuckin' nightmare, a prisoner of the scene
So maybe you need somebody who doesn't believe in dreams
Or maybe you hate yourself as much as I hate me

I told you that I would do anything
Sometimes I don't know how you can complain
Fuck me, I just feel like it's fuck me
Well fuck me then
Lovin' you, something that would never change
Every day in that I still feel the same
Fuck you, that's all they ever wanna do
All they ever wanna do is fuck you

But if I catch you in the street with another man
Holdin' his hand, I'm a fuck him up
I ain't never had nobody like you
I don't know what to do with myself
I feel like maybe I should give it up
But I can't, I'm so in love with you that I can't see further than right now
And right now I need to fill my cup
Drink my pain away again to weigh up to needin' you
Like I never needed anything but this relationship
Relationship... Fuck

You either let the past go and let us grow
Or let us not and let it stop, you gotta help me know
I put this ink in my own blood, give a fuck about [?]
What do I got to lose but my own soul?
No one loves you like I do and no one ever will
I said you was the coolest, but you need to chill
'Cause if you leave me lyin' hurt from some lyin' jerk
I'm a bring my iron to the church like Kill Bill
And fuck up somebody for my baby
Fuck up somebody for my baby
Everybody's lyin', the preacher, the [?]
'Cause none of you motherfuckers can live up to my lady
Why can't you see that I'm not shady?
I wouldn't fuck around on you, never no baby
What I was is what I was so just maybe
You will stop worryin' about what I do lately

I told you that I was ride or die
Believe it

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