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Dust & Desire

Young Livers

Goodbye you bastard.
Good luck motherfucker.
It was out of the water
And I wished I had drowned.

And it's the greatest mistake.
Wounds neatly placed.
I lacked steady hands
Not injuries.

I read on scraps of paper,
"I'm simple, desperate. Fell down again
Last night, laughed it off this morning,"
And I wondered when
I read on scraps of paper,
"The weight of words bring burden to the tongue
And the taste lays me down,"
And I wondered when...

Words were unforgettable.
Actions are unforgivable.

Words were unforgettable.
Actions are unforgivable.

Voice is the reason
But your voice didn't sound.
The sounds the limit
And the limit is the ground.

These hands can't help me,
These hands aren't willing.

I stand beside myself
To finally get some air
Or else I'd choke.
I should probably swallow now.
In the end they are
Still residing in my head
I should know by now.
To finally let them out.

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