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Anniversary Medley


Stand away the dreaded burning fire
Will leave its mark for those with no desire
Stand in front of the whole creation
Face the people starved like worms
Still I'm begging for comprehension
From the ones who rule us all
In this field the dying embers soil
All around we mourn
Oh, here they come again
The stars can't find the purple sky
Long for the day be back someday
And the church
Don't let us die
Let me rest in peace

Sanity brings up the sadness
that keeps your illusions locked in a little box
Fright comes, you find yourself lonely
in a cage of conclusions crowding your mind
You sit back bowing your head
Every answer - yes
Why don't you trust me and shed out your fears,
Running over the tears you've contained
now cover up your eyes
- Is it good for you?
And I'll be here when fire burns
(Inside your heart)
Climb up the hills and mountains,
don't forget what you've learned!
Life makes us feel the time we cannot hold
Time makes us live a tale already told
Time makes us heal a feeling inside
a feeling that lies in our heart
that we stole away...

Time after time
Burned your wings on the sun
Metal Icarus
Night after night
Up on forced unknown
Metal Icarus
Ah! Those were the years
I can still feel the windy heights
Against my skin
And if I close my eyes
I'm flying over hills!

Still stare at my face
But lost seem your eyes
Keep hold of the sails
Against the blue sky
Ooh, I'm intending
A way back to the sea
This emptiness burns inside
And leads on for endless miles
Don't let me go
Away across the sea,
The waves can't be as high
As they pretend to be
And now I know
In my heart, I won't forget
The sails against the blue sky
That taught me how to live

Hear the whispers of your hope
The answer wasn't told
No, don't laugh seeing me cry
The end I've left behind
Make believe
There's no sorrow in your eyes
Can't you see
We could never get back from the start
Minutes waiting, life's been wasted

And I've tried,
Maybe you deny
Words of peace
For the future of our lives
Bring to me
Something else than a broken heart
I won't wait 'till my life is wasted
Maybe I wanna die some other day

Somehow I turn around and see
My nerves break down inside
Maybe you might know much more than me
So tell me what is right to say

Down the weakness of my soul
Lie the secrets, and I know
There's something pushing back
Wish my hands could turn to gold
And my heart would break the cold
To give my thoughts some sense

Under the sun
In a solitary world
I am running alone
Scars on my face
Weary hands from digging dirt
I was dying all alone

Am I running?
Where am I?
Where has everyone gone this time?
Left my future far behind
I am nothing but the sole survivor

Composição: Sabe quem é o compositor? Envie pra gente.
Enviada por Camila
Traduzida por Pâmela
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