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You're Freaking Me Out


So I just finished up my set
And I walked over to the bar
You spilled your drink on my new heels (uh, moron)
Thats when are fate was sealed
You're such a clumsy creep (what are you looking at?)
Grinning at me

You're freaking me out
You're freaking me out
What's this all about?
You're freaking me out

Oh God, if you only knew
Must be somethin' wrong with me (I'm so embarrest)
You're the polar opposite
Of anything I find attractive
Thoughts of you make me sick (so sick)
Yeah, I kinda like it

You're freaking me out
You're freaking me out
(You're freaking me out)
What's this all about?
(What is this all about?)
You're freaking me out
(You're freaking me out)

Trippy delusionsRomantic intrusions consume me
I'm floating down the aisle and you're smiling

Look at you, look at me
No way I could have seen this coming
Got me thinking crazy thingsHow can this be happening?
Now What the hell is wrong with me?
What happened to my sanity?
The whole thing is not for me
Not with you

You're freaking me out (especially)
(You're freaking me out)
You're freaking me out
(You are freaking me out)
What's this all about?
You're freaking me out
(You are freaking me out)
You're freaking me out
You're freaking me out
(yeah)What's this all about?
(yeah)You're freaking me out
You're freaking me out

Composição: Sabe quem é o compositor? Envie pra gente.
Enviada por UEIDER
Traduzida por Bianca
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