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Night Of Haunted


Got a handful of love on the left side
A handful of hate on the right
What's in between won't be appeased
It's going to be long, lonely night

I fear for your outcome
I fear for mine, too
I fight off your actions, baby
We're screwed

They're all around
Trying to shoot us down
We'll stand our ground

They're all around
We won't back down
We'll stand our ground

Closing from every direction
No longer concealing their hands
They just keep on coming
I'm tired of running
Tonight we make our stand

Their number is many
Our number is two
We're in deep together, baby
We're screwed

They're all around
Trying to shoot us down
We'll stand our ground

They're all around
We won't back down
We'll stand our ground

I fear for your outcome
I fear for mine, too
We're in deep together, baby
We're screwed

We won't back down
We won't back down
We won't back down

Composição: Mudhoney · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
Enviada por Flutter
Traduzida por Jaqueline
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