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I'll Be Your Domino

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Bang on my window if
You want to get your look out
I felt the wind blow when
She took her little book out

I'm steady loving on the
Lady of these pages
Another chapter if you will
So ?

Down on the river tonight
Take off your glassess and fight

Under the heliomoon i'm
Going to pop the culture
Blue cherry dress on you
Is looking like a sculpture

This recreation is amusing
And confusing
You never knew that it
Could feel so good while losing

(What you lose, your virginity)

Down on the river tonight
Take off your glassess and fight

I'll be your domino
Sit back and watch it flow
Get so emotional
I got a notion for
And when a star gets bent
I'll be your parliment
I'll be your domino
Sit back and watch it flow

My intuition was a
Poppin' and a shakin'
The very thought of it was
All too much to take in

Curl up with lover we
Could lie out on the blanket
This canopy above i'll
Take the time to thank it

Down on the river tonight
Take off your panties and fight

I'll be your domino
Sit back and watch it flow
Get so emotional
I got a notion for
And when a star gets bent
I'll be your parliment
I'll be your domino
Sit back and watch it flow

I want to bury my face
Deep in your aroma
Her name is Lisa but
They call her Desmadona

Come out and see me for
Some street comunication
I think it's sweet of you
To be my motivation

I'll be your domino
Sit back and watch it flow
Get so emotional
I got a notion for
And when a star gets bent
I'll be your parliment
I'll be your domino
Sit back and watch it flow

Composição: Anthony Kiedis, John Frusciante, Flea, Chad Smith · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
Enviada por Ana
Traduzida por Luiza
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