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Porno Star

Ultramagnetic MC's

[Tim D] Ahhh yeahh..
Aiyyo y'all ready to do this?
[Trev] Yeah whassup wit that?
[Keith] Yo Trev, you ready to run the train or what?
[Trev] Aiyyo what's that bitch name again anyway?
[Tim D] Yeah her name is Tabitha
But yo, let me go up there first
And then, Keith you come in
And Trev you come in
[Trev] Aight, aight
[Tim D] And we gonna cold rock the bitch, aight?
[Trev] Aight, I'ma lay in the back, chill chill
[Keith] I wanna jump out the closet!

[girl] *knock knock* Hello..
[Tim D] Yeah baby whassup? It's me
[girl] How you doin baby?
[Tim D] I'm aight - I'm ready to do this, you ready to do this?
[girl] Oh yes, I'm ready to do this baby
[Tim D] Yeah.. why don't you just.. lay down and
.. open your legs
[Girl] Like this?
*knock knock knock*
[Tim D] Yeah come in
[Keith] Yo whassup? I'm down right?
[girl] Who's that?
[Tim D] Yo that's my man Kool Keith, the Rhythm X
[girl] Hi Keith... what does the X stand for?

[Kool Keith]
See you're playin with yourself, with your hands between your legs
You're masturbating, cause you can't keep waiting
Lookin at my picture with your bra and soaked panties
I pull my dick out, your tongue stick out
I like the clitty-clit, then suck the tittie-tit
I'm rather suave, not finished with the pussy yet
Now turn that ass out, I wanna wax it {*smacking sounds*}
Shoot my jism enbalms, I wanna tax it
Your bed? My bed -- fuck it, where's the elevator?
I set your pussy off, like a fuckin detonator bomb
Relax and be calm
Tell your friends to leave, no time for cockblockers
I hate the girls who front, and really cock-suckers
I have no time for phonies and kiddie games
A bunch of bitches with numbers and wrong names
I just chill, and cold mack at the jam
I'm buttnaked, the woman say god damn
He's X-rated, I seen him in the video
He's jerkin off on my girlfriend's booty though
You want the dick too? Then come to me though
Start suckin and suckin and keep suckin
And then for hours, I keep fuckin
Waxin that ass like a super rated pro
You think I'm braggin? Well let's go
Cock em in the air and let your other sister watch
You gettin hit by the X.. I'm a porno star

[girl] Ohh Rhythm X, you're just too good baby
[Keith] I know baby -- but I got another freak move for you
Check this out
[girl] What's that?
*knock knock knock knock*
[Keith] Yo T.R., come in
[Trev] Whassup?
[Keith] That's my man Trev, T.R.
I want you to give him a little somethin
[Trev] Mmmm T.R., show me what you got baby
[Trev] Aight..

[T.R. Love]
Come here baby, relax and sit down
Let me massage your back, palm your ass for a while
I got the freaky hype style
that I know you never had in a while
So let's fuck, I mean really really FUCK
You sure you ready? Then try your luck
Bring me the whip cream, bring me the jelly jam
Bring me the chocolate pudding, I really don't give a damn
I try things to you, you never tried before
How's that -- you want some more?
Open your legs wider.. wider!
Let me slip my tongue deep inside ya
Rub ya up and down with strawberry Jell-o
Eat every inch, from head to toe
and make you hot, make you ? than 4th of July
The pussy was never dry
Warm and wet, uhh, and entertaining
The moves we make could never ever drain me
I fuck you hard, smooth and then rough
Like The Mack, I'm heavy like a truck
Captain Hook goes deep into the sea
And when I'm through, you're sure to believe
that I'm the master man don in the land
Cause I'm "bad bad, and I'm wicked in de bed"
Come.. come baby, come
The time is now to be together as one
I'll treat you just like a queen, you know what I mean
Uhh, yeah
I work and wreck your body, just like a car, yeah
Cause I'm a porno star

[Trev] How was that baby?
[girl] Ohh T.R., that big dick felt SO good
But I really had enough
[Tim D] No you haven't baby
Bring yo' ass over here
[girl] Tim Dog, I don't think I'm strong enough
I feel too weak

[Tim Dog]
Ha ha ha ha, I'm the sex man
Tim Dog, ten incher rated X man
Swingin and swingin my ding-a-ling in
Pumpin that ass until your back starts stingin
You had enough? Rough and rough
Gimme ALL of that good stuff
Huh? Your pussy gettin sore?
Ha hah, I'ma fuck it some more
And just before you reach your climax
Throw your leg on my shoulder and cold WAX
Cause I don't like to fuck mild
(Yeah baby.. fuck me wild!)
Cause I'm Tim Dog, and the D.O.G. stands for
+Doin it On the Ground+
Yeah baby, get on the ground
Get on all fours
Bark like a dog baby
(Arf! Arf! Arf! Arf! Arf! Arf!)
Aight aight aight, I know it's good, I know it's good
Yeah.. just like Robin Hood
I take from the richer, and I stick it to the bitch
Jumpin off a trampoline
Straight into the pussy, SPLOOSH!

See what I mean?
So all you ladies out there
with panties that's wet right about now
And y'all wanna do somethin about it
Just dial 1-900, ULTRA-DIK
and the brothers'll be in your town
fuckin shit up

*knock knock knock*
[girl] Who's that?
[C.Gee] It's Ced Gee
[Keith] Oh shit! How you got here?
[C.Gee] Ha hah, y'all ain't know I followed y'all up here
I heard you tap til that pussy's sore
but listen to this, I'ma tell you whassup with that
[Trev] Go 'head..

[Ced Gee]
Now a pussy is some pussy there's no dick like this one
It's the very best so yes you can catch one
or two or three or four, five, six
seven gallons - you know they named Long Island
after me, the incredible Gee
I wax more pussy than my man Ron Jeremy
Hit me a pussy quite hard til it's wet again
You cum but when I cum, I'm wettin your chinny chin
You see I'm quite simple, I'm nimble plus rated X
Come in your face, rub my dick in your soft neck
Yeah.. so now you get the picture
Fuckin so well you call me Mister.. Gee
And I'm goin far, you know why baby?
Cause I'm a Porno Star..

Yeah throw those legs up there
You're hot
Higher, higher, uhhh
OK baby yeah
God damn pussy's good

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